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Verve has grown significantly over the last few years, and we are familiar with the struggles of finding quality candidates and working with external recruiters which is sometimes challenging. We have decided to recruit our talented team internally and have set up a model which has been very successful in finding talented researchers as well as helping some of our clients find insight professionals.

Verve Talent will work as an extension of your team, as a new way to help support your business and help your insight team find the right colleagues. We tailor our search/headhunting approach for your needs at all levels. Unlike recruitment agencies, Verve Talent represents your company, and not the candidates.

Verve Talent is your own full service talent acquisition team and was created with our clients’ best interests firmly at heart.

How it works

How it works


We know your team and culture, so we can focus on understanding your talent needs.


We find the right candidates through expert head hunting & advertising on targeted websites.


We will screen & interview, including a meeting with your Account Director.


We'll give you regular updates on progress and help as much as you need us to from the brief until the offer.

How does this benefit my company?


We are a team of passionate internal talent specialists who want to go the extra mile when helping our clients be successful - we love a challenge!


You won’t speak with a transactional cold-caller, but a consultant who is as involved in helping your team as you are.


We use proven head-hunting and recruitment methods to find the right candidates. Your Account Director will also meet them, so you only see a few candidates who have been thoroughly screened.


We offer a 3 month risk-free guarantee: if the employee doesn’t succeed within 3 months, we will find a replacement at no extra cost.

How does this benefit my company?

How much does it cost?

We offer you a better service and more value for your money, at similar or lower costs than traditional approaches.

Verve Talent Team

Think of us as your in-house talent support team! Get in touch with us for any vacancies covering insight professionals (research buyers) with a background in market research, insight and analytics.



The Clove Building - 4 Maguire Street



+44 (0) 207 928 4314


Beatrice has 6 years’ experience in market research involving client management, and since 2014 she has been working in talent acquisition and head-hunting for market research and insight. Previously, she has worked for Google while also being an online coach and counsellor.

"I am passionate about people and helping them be successful. Talent acquisition is a great way to create success by connecting talented individuals who fit with the culture and needs of a business. I use a multitude of talent search methods, and above all it’s important to remember you’re working with people and connect with them on a human level. There’s no better feeling than seeing people’s excitement when hiring the best talent."